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Video Lead Management & Marketing System
Market to a global audience! Start Buiding Leads for Your Company!

Market to a global audience! Start Buiding Leads for Your Company! LeadCaptureGenie offers a global upgrade package! We can create video lead capture pages in any language and any market in the world! Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and many more!

Market to a global audience! Start Buiding Leads for Your Company!

Our lead capture system will provide an organized back office to follow up every lead automatically. The system also acts as an opt in and IP date stamped email system to promote special offers to your entire lead base! Improve Your Websites Conversion Rates!

Video lead capture pages can generate revenue!

Your conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers that go on to buy. In the context of a website, it is usually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase. Many websites concentrate solely on increasing the number of visitors they have, when often they have fairly simple problems with their site that, if solved, would have a huge effect on their conversion rate and improve their site's bottom line at minimal expense.

20% of people remember what the hear 30% of people remember what they see however 70% of people remember what they hear and see!

If you have ever done a search for “home business opportunities ” and clicked on any of the sponsored ads, you may have noticed that the sites have a lot in common. These type of pages are called landing pages, or lead capture pages. In online marketing a landing page is a page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement and displays content that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link the visitor clicked on.

In pay per click (PPC) campaigns, the landing page is often customized to measure the effectiveness of different advertisements. By adding a parameter to the linking URL, or using multiple landing pages for different ads, marketers can measure effectiveness based on relative click-through rates and resulting conversion rates.

There are two main types of landing pages, reference and transactional. In general, a transactional landing page seeks to persuade a visitor to complete a transaction such as filling out a form or interacting with advertisements or other objects on the page. Since this is the most commonly used type of landing page when it comes to online marketing, this is the type I will be discussing in this post.

The ultimate goal of a transactional landing page is the immediate or eventual sale of a product or service.

If information is to be captured (a lead capture page), the page will usually withhold information until some minimal amount of visitor information is provided, typically an email address and perhaps a name and telephone number as well – enough to “capture the lead” and add the prospect to a mailing list.

When designing a video lead capture page, or transactional landing page, there are five main factors that must be considered. These are - THE HEADLINE, THE OFFER, CALL TO ACTION, CONTENT, FORMS.

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